The Main Google Advertising Platforms are as follows.

Google Ads: This platform allows you to create and manage text, visual, and video ads that appear on search engine results pages, YouTube, Gmail, and various other websites. Google Ads has advanced features to target ads based on your audience’s interests, geographical locations, and demographic characteristics.

Google Display Network (GDN): GDN enables the distribution of visual ads displayed on Google’s partner websites and applications. This is a useful option for increasing brand awareness and reaching a broad audience.

YouTube Ads: It enables you to create video ads that appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. This can be an effective way to reach more people and promote your brand.

Google Shopping: Google Shopping is used by e-commerce businesses to showcase their products to online shoppers. It offers advantages such as displaying products, price comparisons, and direct purchases.

Google App Campaigns: This is used to create app download campaigns and promote your mobile application. Google optimizes ads based on user interests and behaviors.

Google ads allow you to customize your advertising budget and target audience. Additionally, it provides analytical tools and reports to monitor and optimize your advertising performance.

Before advertising, it’s important to carefully review advertising policies and rules. You should also determine your advertising budget and goals, and regularly monitor your advertising campaign.